Lifegroups are the heartbeat of our church here at Antioch Orlando and is the best way to get connected. These student led small groups meet each week to provide a place for you as you grow in your faith and live out the mission Jesus left for believers.

Although every group has its own style and flow, you can expect a time of hanging out, worshipping, studying the Bible and discussing how we can relate it to our lives. You can choose to attend a Lifegroup that your friends attend or we can help you find one.


We see in the Gospels that discipleship was one of Jesus’ main tools for building His church. He lived life with His disciples, inviting them into His ministry and giving them insight into His relationship with the Father. He tells us to do the same with each other. You aren’t made to figure out how to follow God on your own. Having someone intentionally invest in your life gives you a place to ask questions, get accountability and receive encouragement. Then you can invest in someone else!  If you’re interested in learning more about discipleship, please talk to your Lifegroup leader.


Our vision at Antioch Community Church: Orlando is a passion for Jesus and his purposes in the Earth, and that extends to our college ministry. We want to love God, love each other, and change the world, which looks like sharing the love of God with those who don’t know Jesus in our city, our nation, and the nations of the world.

Miami 2017 - Awaken

Spring Break Outreach

Every Spring Break, we head to Miami, Florida to share the love of Jesus while practically meeting the needs of the community. Our 5 day trip to Miami is always a high point in the year and we encourage you to join us for this life changing experience.

International Outreach

Each summer we take a short term mission trip to share the love of Jesus in the nations. We work with an Antioch church plant or partner church in the U.S. or overseas for one to two weeks to share the love of Jesus.

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