Since our church was planted four years ago, the nation of Colombia has been on our heart. Last year we took a team of 50 to the city of Armenia and saw amazing fruit, with over 150 people receiving Jesus into their hearts. After almost a year of building friendships, we are returning to Armenia with a base team and four impact teams.

Our vision is to spark a catalytic movement to the nations of Latin America through inspiring, equipping, and mobilizing the Colombian people. This will happen by teaching them to make disciples who make disciples in their cities, universities and to those who have never heard the gospel of Jesus!

Is Colombia safe?

Although crime does exist in Colombia (as it does here), the area where we will be is generally safe. We will be with people who know the area and will keep us away from dangerous spots. Also, our hotel is one of the nicest places to stay in the area and is outside the city in a farming area. We will monitor the security situation prior to the trip and take all precautions to keep you (or your children) safe.

Applicant Requirements:

Base Team Qualifications:

  1. You are currently discipling someone
  2. You have been a member of Antioch Orlando (consistent Lifegroup and Sunday attendance) for a least a year
  3. You have knowledge of the Spanish language, or are making a concrete commitment to learn (taking a class or tutoring)

Impact Team:

  1. All are welcome to apply!
  2. Please make sure to note which weeks you are available. You may apply for multiple trips, and we will get in touch with you by Feb. 26 to let you know which trip you have been selected for.



City of Armenia, Quindio Department, Colombia


Base Team: April 27th – June 3rd
Impact Team 1: May 4th – May 9th
Impact team 2: May 11th – May 16th
Impact team 3: May 18th – May 23rd
Impact team 4: May 25th – May 30th


Base Team: $2,500 per adult
Impact Team: $1,100 per adult

*Amounts may vary slightly as details continue to be confirmed.


Applications for base and impact teams are due, at the latest, by February 19th, 2017.

Team Meeting & Payment Deadline Schedule

This calendar has all payment deadlines listed and will be continually updated as teams are formed and team meetings are scheduled.

First deposit MUST be made by February 19th at the latest. $100 deposit for Impact Teams or $200 for those applying to be on the Base Team


For questions, email us at