Antioch Orlando is a member of a world wide movement of church plants. The first Antioch Community Church was established in 1999 by pastor Jimmy Seibert, his wife Laura and a group of friends who shared the call for a missions-based church. Before the church was formed, this same group of people started a missionary training school in 1991, planted churches in Russia, Mongolia and Uzbekistan, and formed an international missions organization called Antioch Ministries International (AMI) .

In August of 2004, a team of 7 church planters led by Jonathan and Amy Gulley were sent out to plant a church in Wheaton, IL. Their vision was to see the same life changing community that they experienced in Waco, TX come to Wheaton.

Our senior pastor John Curiale and his wife Nicole spent 4 years attending Antioch Community Church in Wheaton under the leadership of Jonathan and Amy Gully after John completed his Masters of Biblical Studies at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago.

It was in 2000 that God began to highlight the state of Florida in John and Nicole’s hearts. God gave them a passion for the people of Central Florida, that they would know the Truth and find freedom in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2008 God called them to move to Central Florida, where they spent 3 years starting a youth and family ministry at a local church.  During the end of those 3 years they felt, along with Antioch Wheaton’s leadership, that God was leading them to plant an Antioch Community Church in Orlando.  They had a simple vision to preach the Gospel and the Word of God to a lost city.  They believed that if they kept Jesus at the center and were faithful to the Scriptures, that God would grow and bless the church to reach beyond Orlando to the nations of the earth.

In Acts 8, the disciples described Samaria as a place full of joy. During a drive through I-4 in Orlando, a tourist city where 59 million visitors come every year in search of happiness, John asked himself what made Samaria so joyful. He realized it was because the Gospel was preached and received, men and women were healed from their sickness, and people were breaking free from oppression.  Peoples’ lives were being transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A city will only see true lasting joy when the lost are saved and the captives are set free. Only as the Gospel is experienced in Orlando can it truly become the happiest place on earth.