Sweden International Mission Trip 2019

Sweden is one of the most independent and secular countries in the world. It’s a place where people have everything that they need, yet they still feel empty because they are missing Jesus and a true family. We’re believing that this is a time for Europe to be refreshed with the gospel and for them to rise up into what God has called them to!

Last year we took 101 people to seven different cities in Sweden with the heart to see people come to know Jesus, to partner with local churches, and to see new churches get established. We feel like God is calling us back to this nation in 2019 to partner with the people we met over this past summer, and truly see a discipleship movement begun. 

Cost: $ 2,000


June 20th - July 1st

Payment Schedule:

Deposit #1 - Due Feb 3 - $300

Deposit #2 - Due Mar 3 - $350

Deposit #3 - Due Mar 31 - $350

Deposit #4 - Due Apr 28 - $350

Deposit #5 - Due May 19 - $350

Deposit #6 - Due Jun 2 - $300