Discipleship School



The Discipleship School is a place to experience radical transformation and to find clarity for a lifetime of following Jesus.


The first Antioch Discipleship School was launched in 1991. The founders of the school were inspired by the belief that local churches should not only make disciples but also train and send laborers into the harvest field of the U.S. and the nations of the world.

When God called us to plant Antioch Community Church: Orlando, we knew that He would use us not just to impact Orlando, but also other nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal of Antioch Community Church: Orlando is to become a church that plants other churches in the U.S. and overseas, in the ‘unreached’ nations of the world. The first step in sending out laborers into the harvest field was through establishing a Discipleship School that can own the process of equipping and sending missionaries out from Orlando.

We know that personal transformation leads to community transformation. As Jesus transforms us by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, we are equipped to bring God’s transformation to our careers, our families, our city, and ultimately the nations of the earth.

Basic Curriculum Structure of the Discipleship School:


  • Devotion to Jesus – Learn to spend time with Jesus every day.

  • Bible Reading – Read the entire Bible throughout the school year.


  • Evangelism – Share the Gospel regularly.

  • Discipleship – Be mentored and pour out by discipling others.

  • Scripture Memory – Memorize three verses per week.

  • Antioch Church Life – Be a part of a Lifegroup, attend Sunday Service and volunteer regularly.

  • Employment / Studies – Secure and maintain at least a part-time job (around 20 hours per week) or be a full-time student. Being a stay-at-home mom is considered a full-time job.


  • Book Reading – Read one assigned book each month.


  • Newsletter – Send out newsletters to friends and family to inform them of what God is doing in your life.

  • Participate in a U.S. or International Outreach for 1 to 2 weeks.